The 14 BEST Sauces That Goes With Philly Cheesesteak: From Classic to Spicy

Philly Cheesesteak Sauces

If you’re in the mood for a truly satisfying and hearty sandwich, the Philly cheesesteak is a top choice. This classic American sandwich, hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a culinary icon. Comprising thinly sliced beef steak, melted cheese, and optional additions like onions, peppers, and mushrooms, all nestled in a long, soft roll, the Philly … Read more

What Goes With Philly Cheesesteak? 10 Best Side Dishes

We’ll all agree that Philly Cheesesteak is amazing on its own, but the right side dish can make it even better. I love how a good side can add something extra to the meal, whether it’s a bit of crunch, some creaminess, or just a fresh taste to balance out the rich flavors of the … Read more

What Is a Philadelphia Roll – Ingredients and Origins

Philadelphia Roll how to cook

The Philadelphia Roll is a sushi delicacy that marries the fresh flavors of the sea with creamy, tangy cheese. In the world of sushi, where tradition often reigns supreme, the Philadelphia Roll stands out as a Western twist on the Japanese classic. This fusion favorite encompasses not only sushi-grade fish but also a unique blend … Read more

15 Famous Pittsburgh Food You Must Have: Savor the Steel City


Pittsburgh is a city rich in cultural heritage, a place where the past and present meld seamlessly. Besides steel bridges and historic inclines lies a vibrant culinary landscape, a melting pot of flavors that tells the story of its diverse communities and resilient spirit. From hearty sandwiches that fueled the once-booming steel industry to delicate … Read more