WHLM Program Schedule:

Monday - Friday:

6:00a-10:00a - The Morning Buzz

10:00a-3:00p - Bobby Gale

3:00p-6:00p - Ben Willis

6:00p-6:00a - Regular Programming


8:00a-12:00p - Solid Gold Saturday Morning with Bobby Gale

12:00p-6:00p - Ben Willis


6:00a - American Radio Journal

6:30a - Lincoln Radio Journal

7:00a - The Voice of Catholic Radio

7:30a - The Rosary

8:00a - First English Baptist Church

9:00a - The Voice of Catholic Radio

9:30a - The Rosary

10:10a - Why Him? with Pastor Eric Miller of Bloomsburg Christian Church

10:30a - Wesley United Methodist Church

12:00a-6:00p - Jake Kline

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