Mom Looking For Missing Necklace Containing Son's Ashes

A woman from Sunbury lost a necklace at Knoebels over the weekend and she's hoping you can help her find it. The heart-shaped necklace contains some of her son's ashes. Paula Morales believes the necklace fell to the ground near Tram Station One where her and her family parked on Friday while swimming at the Crystal Pool. The necklace contains her son's ashes. Paula spoke to our news partner Newswatch 16 and says her son, Dylan Weikel, was 24 when he died from an overdose in 2016. She thinks someone saw the necklace on the ground and picked it up, not knowing what it is. If you have any information on the necklace, contact Paula Morales at 570-556-6669 or contact Knoebels.