Murder Charges Filed In Nearly 16-Year Old Cold Case

Homicide charges have officially been filed in a nearly 16 year old cold case in Montoursville as the ex-boyfriend of the victim was brought back from Philadelphia Tuesday to be hauled in front of a judge in Lycoming County. A suspect identified as Jade Babcock was arraigned in Lycoming County Court after allegedly confessing to killing Brenda Jacobs in 2003 and stashing her remains, but then cutting the legs off her body last year so he could fit those remains into a box. Those legs were found on May 11th along the north shore of the Susquehanna River in Williamsport. Babcock has been incarcerated in Philadelphia after a legless body was found in a storage unit there over a week ago. Neither the body found in Philadelphia nor the legs found in Williamsport have been positively identified as belonging to Jacobs.