State Lawmaker Says He Will Do Better After Abortion Clinic Video Posted On Social Media

A Pennsylvania state lawmaker who has drawn criticism for a recording of himself berating a woman who was protesting or praying outside a Philadelphia abortion clinic has admitted he was aggressive and promised to “do better.” Democratic state Rep. Brian Sims posted a two-minute video on Twitter Tuesday that said “two wrongs don’t make a right.” But it wasn’t an apology for his actions. Last week’s video of Sims berating the unidentified woman wasn’t the first time he confronted people outside the Planned Parenthood Clinic in his district in Philadelphia. He had also previously confronted and criticized a group of teens praying outside the same clinic and posted the video on social media. The chairman of the state Republican Party has sent a letter to city, state and federal prosecutors, asking them to investigate what he called potentially criminal conduct in the 2 videos. He says not only does Sims use physical intimidation, but he also threatens people with so-called ‘doxxing’ or enticing viewers to provide identifiable information about his targets to increase the harassment and intimidation.