Lt. Governor's 60th Stop On Statewide Marijuanna Listening Tour Is In Montour County

About a hundred people turned out last night at the Montour Preserve Environmental Education Center near Washingtonville to take part in Lt. Governor John Fetterman’s listening session on whether or not Pennsylvania should legalize marijuana for recreational use. All three Montour County Commissioners joined the Lt. Governor for the session. Montour County was the 60th stop on the Lt. Governor’s statewide tour to take Pennsylvania’s pulse on legalization. Fetterman estimated that about 55% of crowd last night was in favor of legalization and about 45% was opposed based on a show of hands at the end of the session. Those citizens who stepped up to the microphone to speak were pretty evenly split as well. The Lt. Governor says many other counties in the state were more heavily tilted in favor of legalization.