Columbia Says Yes And Montour Says No To Black Fly Spraying

It’s Spring and that means its time for the state Department of Environmental Protection to launch its annual black fly spraying program for another year. This year, 48 rivers and streams spanning more than 1,700 miles in 35 counties will be monitored and treated as needed. Spraying activities will be performed both by helicopter and ground crews. Columbia County is taking part in the program with spraying being done along Fishing Creek and the Susquehanna River. Due to budge constraints, Montour County is not taking part in the program this year. Black flies, at about 1/8" in length, are much smaller than a house fly. They are often referred to as gnats and they have the annoying habit of swarming around the heads of people on warm days. Swatting them is useless as they are quick to return, often flying into people's eyes and sometimes delivering a painful and itchy bite.