Mahoning Township Sells Water & Sewer Depts. To Suez

Mahoning Township, Montour County has completed the sale of its water and sewer departments to Suez Water Pennsylvania for $9.5 million. Rates are expected remain the same. The only immediate change is that residents will get a monthly bill instead of a quarterly bill. Suez will soon begin building a water main along the Route 11 corridor to provide water from its Bloomsburg treatment plant. The water main is expected to be completed by end of this year and Suez should begin distributing a small amount of water to Mahoning Township in 2020. Suez has a five-year contract in place with the Danville Municipal Authority which will continue providing water and sewer services to Mahoning Township residents while Suez builds its infrastructure and capabilities in the township. Township Supervisors say proceeds from the sale will mean real estate taxes will remain steady for a long time to come.