Gov. Wolf Visits Bloomsburg To Talk About Flood Protection

Governor Tom Wolf visited Bloomsburg Thursday to highlight what his $4.5 billion dollar infrastructure improvement plan known as Restore Pennsylvania would do to improve flood protection and disaster recovery in our area and beyond. The governor, a Democrat, joined Republican state Representative David Millard for a tour of flood prone areas in town, then met with other local leaders at the fairgrounds, including Columbia County Commissioner Chris Young, Bloomsburg Mayor Bill Kreisher, and Fair President Paul Reichart. The governor’s plan relies on a severance tax on natural gas drilling in the state to fund the $4.5 billion dollar investment in things like fighting urban blight and expanding broadband internet access in addition to the flood protection projects. Wolf has proposed the severance tax idea before, but it never got any traction in the Republican controlled legislature. Representative Millard says he supports the plan as it would mean about $75 milllion dollars would flow to Columbia County for flood prevention.