Auditor General Calls Turnpike A "Road To Ruin"

Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale says the state Turnpike system is now almost $12-billion in debt and is on the brink of financial collapse. At issue is a 2007 state law, known as Act 44, which requires the Turnpike to transfer $450 million a year to PennDOT to fund mass transit across the state. In order to meet the payments, the Turnpike has had to borrow billions of dollars. The Turnpike was supposed to get some help in making the payments with the tolling of Interstate 80, but that was blocked by the Obama Administration. DePasquale says ever-increasing tolls aren’t putting a dent in the Turnpike’s debt, and it's actually making the money problems worse by forcing less people to use the Turnpike. His suggestions include drastically reducing toll subsidies for mass transit or legalizing recreation marijuana which he estimates would raise $600 million a year. More details on the Auditor General’s report about the Turnpike are available here.