Legislation Introduced To Save Nuclear Power Plants In PA

Legislation designed to pump hundreds of millions of ratepayer dollars into Three Mile Island and Pennsylvania’s other nuclear power plants was introduced Monday. The bill’s sponsor, state Rep. Tom Mehaffie, acknowledges that his plan will cost around $500 million a year by requiring that all five nuclear power plants get preferential treatment like solar power, wind power and other clean power alternatives received under a 2004 state law. Mehaffie estimates that his plan would cost the average household $1.77 a month. But, Mahaffie says if all 5 of Pennsylvania’s nuclear power plants were to close, the typical residential electric bill will increase by $2.39 a month or nearly $800 million per year for all ratepayers. The idea faces stiff opposition from a diverse variety of groups including AARP and environmental groups. Owners of TMI say the plant is unprofitable and they will close the plant later this year. Owners of the Beaver Valley nuclear power plant in western Pennsylvania estimate it will become unprofitable in 2021 and say it will be shut it down by then, unless the state rescues it.