Commercial Vehicle Bans Go Into Effect Overnight

PennDOT has announced commercial vehicle bans for certain roadways in anticipation of the incoming severe winter weather.

Beginning at 12 am Tuesday, PennDOT will enact a FULL COMMERCIAL BAN on I-99 and I-70 in Fulton and Bedford Counties.  Beginning at 6am the FULL COMMERCIAL BAN will include the following roadways: I-80 (east of I-79), I-81 (North of I-78), I-84, I-180, I-380, and The PA Turnpike I-476 (North of Allentown, PA).

At 6am Tuesday, Commercial Vehicles with empty or double trailers will be banned on the following roadways: I-76, I-78, I-81 (South of I-78), I-83, I-95, I-176, I-283, I-295, I-476 (South of Allentown PA), I-676, US-22 (From I-78 to New Jersey), PA-33, & PA-Turnpike I-276. 

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