HFMD in Columbia County

Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) is spreading across the US.

Outbreaks have been confirmed in Indiana, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia, AND HERE in PENNSYLVANIA. 

HFMD, which is different to foot and mouth in animals, is a viral infection that causes lesions to form on a sufferer's hands, feet and mouth. Although usually not serious, the condition can be dangerous if scratched skin allows other pathogens to enter.

The infection usually affects children under 10, with adults' immune systems typically being strong enough to prevent the virus infecting them.

However last week, New York Mets ace pitcher Noah Syndergaard revealed he contracted the virus after visiting a children's baseball camp, while New York Yankees starter JA Happ revealed he had a mild case of the condition yesterday.

HFMD typically spreads through nurseries and schools, similarly to the common cold.