Incumbents Hold On To PA Seats

Governor Tom Wolf has won a second term in office and Senator Bob Casey as won a third term in the US Senate. The incumbent Democrats cruised to victory last night in Pennsylvania. In the US Senate race, Congressman Lou Barletta of Hazleton, spoke to his supporters last night after calling Senator Casey to congratulate him on his victory. Governor Wolf’s re-election over Republican challenger Scott Wagner brings with it a brand new Lt. Governor and an unconventional one at that. He is the tattooed Mayor of Braddock, PA—John Fetterman. The governor will begin his second term much like he started the first one, facing a strongly leaning Republican state Legislature in Harrisburg.

Republican Dan Meuser becomes Congressman for the recently-redrawn 9th District after a win over Denny Wolff. In other races, State Representatives David Millard of the 109th District and Kurt Masser of the 107th District also won their re-election bids over their challengers to continue in office.