Americans to receive cellphone alert from Trump in first national test

Today is the National EAS Test – and a “Presidential Alert” to cellphones.

The 2:20pm Eastern time National Emergency Alert System test for radio stations and other participants will be unmissable. But it will be preceded by the first-ever 2:18pm “Wireless Emergency Alert System” test, and we’ll see how President Trump’s administration chooses to deal with that message (and what he might say about it on Twitter or other platforms). Given recent tensions with other countries (and publicity about mistaken state-level tests in places like Hawaii), this has the potential to scare some folks. Both tests were originally scheduled for nearly three weeks ago, but Hurricane Florence interfered with that plan. This is the “backup date.” Stations should already have filed their pre-test “ETRS Form 1.” The day-of-test “ETRS Form 2” is due later today, with the more detailed ETRS Form 3 due by November 19. This is the fourth National EAS test for most radio stations, all conducted in the Fall.